NOTE:  During Break in,
keep drive chain snug.
After break in, you can allow
it a little slack. Also...Keep
mix ratio at 20:1 and
synthetic oil is not required.
STEP 10. Remove the 3 screws from
Counter shaft side cover and also
remove spark plug. Remove clip from
master link of chain and then thread
chain up and over counter shaft
sprocket by rotating the sprocket using
tool. Having the spark plug removed
allows engine to be turned easily to
thread chain. Tip..Since you have this
cover off, Hold clutch arm and rotate
cover and pull clutch arm out of cover
and then grease it and rotate it back in.
STEP 13. Install exhaust pipe. If you need to
bend the pipe some so it will not hit the frame
or bolts, clamp the pipe into wood blocks and
bend. Do NOT bend exhaust mounted to
engine. If you do..You will not bend the
exhaust, you will break the motor!! Exhaust
pipe is very strong. Much stronger than the 2
mounting studs on the motor.
STEP 11. Put some molly grease on the
shaft and in the hole.
STEP 14. Mount the carburetor. Check the other screws
including the brass fuel inlet screw for
tightness..Typically they need some slight turning.  Once
the carb is on and tight...You are ready to connect the
tank line to carb. Tip..Get and inline fuel filter. Even though
the fuel petcock has a screen filter, it is porous and
allows sediment through.. A high quality inline fuel filter
with paper element is a super way to go and to keep fine
particulate out of the carb and the engine running
fantastic and like new..check Howell Motors parts list for
parts and accessories....Well....Install is done..Mix your oil
with the gas...Fuel up the bike..And...go baby go !!!!! Enjoy!!! not get too excited..This is a new motor..and..Not
to pour water on the fire but..You need to take it easy for
the first 500 miles or so...O well..the price of owning a
new engine...You have to break it in....But..That is fun
STEP 12.  Cut  chain to length. Cutting
the Chain is not a big deal. Simply grind
the two nubs flush with the link, then lay
the chain on the ground and with
hammer and screw driver pop or pry off
the link. Use  master link and  put chain
back together. Do NOT cut chain too
short !! Install Idler pulley. Make sure
you grease the plastic wheel metal
shaft. Do not over tighten chain. Howell
motors come with a 081 high quality
chain which are more expensive.. 415's
will work too. Install chain guard. Use
some tin snips to cut cover at the rear if
needed..Use a good zip tie at the rear
and the  extra long bolt for the counter
shaft cover will hold the front.
Here is how the front motor mount looks if you have to use the 3
hole adapter. Yes....You drill...and..As you can see..It works
perfectly.....and..You have to get a longer bolt and bend the
exhaust pipe some too....To bend the pipe, simply get a vise and
use some wood to block the pipe and then bend it.
Engine Kit install continued.....
STEP 1 - Remove carb cap and lay out all the parts.
STEP 2 - Place needle into center of carb
slide and then put flat washer with
groove on top of needle making sure
you have the groove lined up with the  
groove in the carb slide.
Step 3 - Install cable to plastic grip first, then thread
this end through the carb cap and through the spring.
STEP 4- Compress spring and load cable into the end
of the slide. Once you have it started, put the entire
length of the cable into the slide, once you have done
that, release the spring to the inside of the carb slide
allowing the spring to push onto the flat washer and
thus holding the needle down.

For the Magneto to CDI, It is simple, Blue
to blue and black to black. Or Green to
blue if you have a green coming off the
Engine mag. The White wire is for a

Also.. The kill switch has 2 wires. One of
these wires hooks to your blue, and the
other to black. It does not matter which .
You are done.

Tip.. Do not hook up kill switch until you
get engine running the way you like.  
Enjoy the ride....