Step 6. Lightly grease right side
handle bar end. Slide throttle on all
the way and then back it off a hair
and then tighten it down evenly. Do
not over torque the screws. If you
get real ambitious, unload cable
from carb slide and from throttle  
end and clean up the fiber plastic
and lube the cable sheath and re
STEP 8..Screw in the fuel valve filter
combo into the tank and then mount the
tank. Tip......Wrap top frame tube with bar
wrap where tank clamps are. Also...If you
have cable runs on the top bar that are
open cables, you may need to run them
through cable sheath the length of the
tank in order for them to work once tank
is clamped over them.
STEP 7...Mount clutch lever. Amid
criticism of the clutch lever, when
installed properly, it is pretty decent.
Here are a few tips, cut the stay/flap off.
Tighten the nut and bolt that clamps the
lever arm tight enough to take out the
lever slop.  Remove cable from sheath
and spray WD40 down it. Install and
adjust...You will find it to be a pretty
decent lever. Now...With that said..For
even better pull, go to a bike shop and
get another alloy shimano type. Since
you have adjustments at both ends and
more pull..this is superior to the
Engine Kit install continued.....
Here is step 5 complete with
studs nipped and looking good!!
Notice how well the intake inlets
clear. Always mount air intake
with inlets down!! Always!! If you
need to, you can put the air box on
a grinder and cut down on the inlet
tubes a little to make sure they
clear the frame. If you use the
spacer on the front motor mount,
usually this is enough to clear.
Also, you may need to file down
any water bottle screw mounts if
they protrude and are in the way
of a motor mount.
STEP 7 Complete...Here is
what the clutch cable
connection should look like
at the motor.
Special Note: If your spark plug has its
crown screwed on. Unscrew it and remove
it so that you can put your Spark Plug Cap
on. Failure to remove this Crown can
damage or ruin the Spark Plug Cap.
Here is what the Idler Pulley looks like Installed. Notice the
Wheel is at the most down position so as the chain gets
slack, you simply move the wheel up to take out the slack.
STEP 9- Mount your Coil.  Tip...Use 2 high
quality zip ties . Go up and over and around
the coil and zip tie it to the frame. Loop one zip
tie up and over and  also through the holes
that would normally have the screws going
through them.  This is a better method than
using the screws that come with the kit. You
will have a more solid mount and not break
the coil. It is not hard the break the coil ears
off using the screws...
Wire Connections...Blue
to Blue and Black To Black. Also..Tie Kill
Switch to the Blue wire. The White Wire is
Generator and has a Max Output of .5 A 7.5V.
Anything that draws more Current connected
to the white wire will kill the motor. Also..If you
have a coil with the green wire instead of the
blue, then go Blue to green,.